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Exposition Sole Provider

Sunday 30 March 2003, by Michael Dupouy

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Saturday March 30th to Saturday April 5th 2003.

Opening on March 29th from 8 :00 pm to 0 :00 pm

Atelier Richelieu
Located in the center of Paris, this 800 square meters, this penthouse was first chosen for its large surface.
Furthermore, its display like an appartment was its biggest quality.
Indeed, the artistic direction wanted to give to the guest the impression to enter into an actual sneakers collector’s appartment.
To remain playful, the ground floor hosted a mini playground, to allow the visitors to play basketball, like a « cultural appetizer » before going upstairs and visiting five different rooms dedicated to the five major periods of Nike Basketball sneakers history.


January 2003, Nike launched worldwide a book dedicated to 30 years of history between the Swoosh brand and the Basketball.
This book written by Scoop Jackson, the editor in chief of the American magazine XXL, is smartly named "Sole Provider".

Nike was thinking of giving life to the Sole Provider book, that was so rich in strong images.

La MJC was in charge to organize the Sole Provider exhibition in Paris and give life to the book content in an 8 days exhibition.


-The exhibition :

Sneakers, of course. With more than 60 collector pairs, produced from 1973 until nowadays.
But also some sketches, original posters, original ads and furniture .
To celebrate the occasion, some collector pairs were sold in very limited editions exclusively for the event.

-An exhibition « to deserve »:

The goal was Quality. So to make people « deserving» the exhibition but with no over media coverage.

The invitations were rare and only available in specialty stores.
Furthermore, a street marketing campaign was organized to announce the exhibition without any details about its location.

This campaign was an invitation to play on the website This short-lived internet website, was exclusively created for this occasion, and allowed people who gave the good answers to a quizz about sneakers, to know the address of the exhibition and to win an invitation.

-The Exhibition:

100 % dedicated to Basketball, so 100% focused on Hip Hop.
With Dj’s Jr Ewing, Dj Medhi and Pedro Winter.

800 people attended the opening of Sole Provider on Saturday March 29th.

The invitation created by LaMJC was a must have to attend the exhibition.


- Create a notorious event to celebrate 30 years of collaboration between Nike and Basketball and the launch of the book « Sole Provider ».

- Increase the standing of the brand in the opinion of a public constituted by trend setters and well informed people.

- Find an innovative concept inviting the public to « deserve the exhibition ».


Apple :

A numeric studio was settled by Apple with G4 Imac.
A CD-Rom was running on each computer, presenting the hjstory of the Nike iconic products.


- Almost 2000 people came to see the Sole Provider exhibition in Paris, including 800 guests at the opening.

- An exhibition concept with an invitation « to deserve » allowed a real « buzz » for thie event.

- Following its success in Paris, the Sole Provider exhibition travelled to London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan.


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