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La Ré-création - Backwoods

Wednesday 30 July 2003

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LA RECREATION with Backwoods

Wednesday November 19th 2003

Le Cabaret


After the success of La Récréation parties during the Summer, La MJC was back on the dancefloors, in association with Altadis, its partner.
Almost 800 guests of La MJC came to dance on edgy DJ sets and to party all night long.


The guests were invited during the evening to taste Backwoods cigars, distributed by La MJC and Altadis for the event.

Backwoods is a flavoured cigar, sold in packs of 5. The goal was to reach a younger target than the regular cigars customers.
In the USA, a band like The Roots think that you can not have a good studio recording session without Backwoods cigars !!!!

For the event, La MJC provided its partner Altadis with two hostesses to distribute backwoods samples to the guests.
The brief about the product and the sample distribution were discussed prior to the event by La MJC and its partner.

The DJs were:

BOOMBASS (Cassius / La Funk Mob)

-SENZ (Funk Mob)

( Justice, Busy.P, Kevin)


- A discrete Sample distribution, for a brand image event focused on a target mainly composed with opinion leaders.

- Getting a first quality feedback regarding the product perception by customers.


Agenda Magazine. (the party flyer visual was taken from Agenda, The Book).


- 800 people attended the party, including VIP guests invited by La MJC. (Lou Doillon, Omar et Fred, Eric& Ramzy…)

- More than 1500 cigares were distributed, in addition to information about the product.

- A positive feedback from the guests in regards to the quality of the cigar.

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